Do you like sand? How many different colours of sand do you know ? You can find it not only on different beaches, but also in the playground nearby or at the next road construction. A glass or a plasticbag full of sand and some stones could be the basic of an interesting artistic work. You simply should try it.

“Everybody is an artist!” These words from Joseph Beuys are also the motto of Ruthild Tillmann. Her sandpictures are already shown in many exhibitions in Germany and Egypt. She has made many people realize and discover the beauties of nature even in very tiny bits – like sand or stones -  and play with it. In this way you can feel again the “lightness of being”.

Look at some examples of her workshops:


Sandart in Geisa 15.08.15
Sandworkshop mit Asylanten, Suhler Strasse Wolfsburg
Wolfsburg K-Schumacher-Ring, Leben .... im Wandel 24.07.2015
Workshop Leitstade 21.05.15
Werkabend Sand-Harp 30.09.2014
Bataran (GR) 15.-25.09.2014
Desert-Time September 2010 in Merzouga
Vernissage June20th and Finissage October 3rd 2010
Tides of the Soul in the Tides-home Ganderkesee (D)
Sandworkshop Bataran (GR) May 2010
Museum of Sand in Cramme (D) 1rst day Sept.19th 2009
Ruthilds Garden (D) 26.08.2009
Forest- Event- Day in Ehrhorn (D) July 26th 2009
Artistic assistance to Sevasti Hattenhauer in Bataran / Chalkidiki (GR) May 23rd - June 9th 2009
Ruthild's Garden Wolfsburg (D), JOY of SUMMER, July 18th + August 18th 2008
Project - Days: Primary School Isenbüttel (D), June 1rst - 3rd 2008
Africa - Day : Primary School Calberlah (D), June 12th 2008
Primary School Ehmen (D), April 18th 2008
Pupils from the Annemarie-Tausch-School in Ruthilds Garden, 9. and 16. Oktober 2007
Bardou, South of France,  23.August 2007 with  harp pupils of Edith Fellmann/Munich
Women´s Center Weimar, 27. April 2007
One World Church, Schneverdingen 17. November 2006 and 03.March 2007
Tschernobyl-Children and -Mothers
in Ruthild´s Garden 12.July 2006
Womens room Goethestrasse Wolfsburg 06. Juni 2006
City's Department of works Wolfsburg, Februar 2005
Kindergarden Neuenkirchen, November 2004
Ruthild´s garden in Wolfsburg, Juli 2004

Cairo Faculty of Fine Arts, November 2003
Prof. Hinz also encourages people to find their lost abilities , simply trust their own inspiration and follow them : “Human beings are part of the enormous creative process and through the universe we are creative.”

So just try your ability and take part in a workshop with the artist Ruthild Tillmann.


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