Ruthild Tillmann

Date & place of birth : May 18, 1939 in Wilhelmshaven / Germany


Previous posts:   teacher in different typs of schools from 1962 till 2001
  1980: additional studies at the University of Fine Arts (HBK) in Braunschweig (D): Exam : Professor for Fine Art at Highschool level
1982: teacher for Art in Highschool Fallersleben
  2001: retirement
From 2001 on

free artist

Artist in residence : Egypt, New Zeeland, Senegal, Gambia.


Art is for me to find things and not to look for them, as Picasso says:


When going through the nature – or also walking on the beach, I have my eyes wide open. While glancing at the ground, I discover the special gifts just before my feet. I bend down – a gesture of respect for mother earth – pick them up gratefully and look at them attentively.

Lovingly, I carry them home. There they complete my collection from all over the world, meanwhile nearly overflowing my studio. A great deal of them are friendly gifts from friends, who have remembered my passion for collecting while travelling around the globe.


Although I have mainly restricted myself to sand and stones (sometimes also to shells) when choosing my material, after all a very great lot of it is at my disposal.

I play with forms and colours – in doing so I feel like a „global player“, because, with the unbelievable great stock of natural material from different continents, I create my pictures with mainly symbolic signs. 

Through the themes of my expositions as well as with the titles of my sand pictures, I would like to go beyond the pure aesthetic aspects of the picture and with that express my deep respect for the Creation. In my opinion, very far reaching visual messages can be made with my symbols and seen in my sand pictures. They can also point out to the cosmic sphere.

Many journeys helped to take a number of photos and collect a lot of different material for the artistic works ( sand, stones, earth) : e.g. in New Zeeland, Africa ( Egypt, Tunisia, Gambia, Senegal, Morocco) and Europe (England, Italy, Greek, Canary Islands + Germany.