1989 Wolfsburg (D) Foto + Batiken 50 Jahre RT
1996 Wolfsburg + Braunschweig (D) Slides about India Come sister (women-project)
2001 Wolfsburg-Castle (D) First sandpictures On the trace of Nature
2002 Society of Art Wobeck (D) Sandpictures + Fotos Contact to Mother Earth
  Library Wolfsburg (D) Sandpictures  Sand-Soul-Being
2003 Art Gallery  Sendenhorst (D) Sandpictures + Fotos  Cultural Sand Art
  Townhall Schöppenstedt (D) Sandpictures + Fotos All is Swinging
  Café´Extrem Wolfsburg (D) Sandpictures Sand - Stones ... Spirit
  Wolfsburg-Castle  (D) Workshop on exhibition from Sharjah
  Faculty of Fine Arts Cairo (EGP / Africa) Sandpictures + Workshop Egyptian-German Impressions
2004 Café Anna/Wolfsburg (D) Sandpictures + Objects + Mass + Workshop Between Heaven & Earth
  Boar's gallop Vorsfelde (D) Sandpig  Ibrahim Sandoz
  Travelagency  Schwülper  Sandpictures + Objects Sand - Yearning - Sungoals
  Meetingplace Schwanewede (D) Sandpictures + Workshop Meeting with Ruach
  Department of works Wolfsburg (D) Sandpictures + Workshop Streams of Energie
2005 Library Maadi  Cairo (EGP / Africa) Sandpictures + Fotos Global Connections
  Faculty of Applied Arts Cairo (EGP / Africa) Sandpictures + Fotos Global Connections
Seniors’ Home  Hasselbachtal Wolfsburg (D) Sandpictures + Fotos Life is movement
  Galery in the Tower Wolfenbüttel (D) Sandpictures Rising Power
  Victoria Room -
Townhall Cambridge (NZ)
Sandpictures Wolfsburgs meets Waikato
5 Artists from 2 Countries
2006 Seniors` Center  Vorsfelde (D) Sandpictures Unity in variety
  One-World-Church Schneverdingen (D) Sandpictures + Workshop THOU is the WORLD
2007 Kafountine (Senegal / W-Africa) Fotos Vue de Kafuntine
  Women's Center Weimar (D) Sandpictures + Workshop Rising power - feminine 
2008 Mandinari (Gambia / W-Africa) Sandworkshop Happy Days
  Kafountine (Senegal / W-Africa) Fotos  Carneval Masks of Trees
  Garden of Live / Steyerberg (D) Sandpictures + workshop UP & DOWN of Life
  Art in Church / Stöckheim (D) Sandpictures+ Fotos …as on Earth
  Mandinari (Gambia / W-Africa) Sandpainting on huts Coulours of Africa
  Kafountine (Senegal / W-Africa) Fotos Rutha’s flowers
2009 Holy-Spirit-Center Wolfsburg (D) Batics-Sandpictures-Fotos Retro-Perspective – ALWAYS AHEAD
  Bataran /Chalkidiki (GR) Sandworkshop Breath of Life
  Cloister St.Marienthal (D) Sandworkshop Women-network
  Neisse-Gallery / Görlitz (D) Sandpictures + Fotos LIFE in POLARITY
2010 Bataran / Chalkidiki (GR) Sandworkshop  healing creativity
  Tides-home Ganderkesee (D) Sandpictures + Fotos Tides of the soul
  Merzouga  (Maroc)    Sandworkshop  Desert-time
2011 Merzouga  (Maroc) Artworking time                  Peace & Solidarity
  Wolfsburg A-Aalto-House         Sandpictures for                   Spirit & brain
  Berlin: Factory Oslo street          Sandpictures + workshop   Peace & Solidarity
  Merzouga + Khamlia /Maroc      Sandart-workshop               Sleeping power
2012 Hamburg Church Holy Cross      Sandpictures + workshop   Panta Rhei–all’s flowing
  Cotignola / Italy                            Sandart-workshop              in  areana bale of straw
  Wolfsburg Porsche Street             Sandart-workshop              Playing with local sand
  Wolfsburg A-Aalto-House           Sandart-workshop              Sand in sight
2013 Wolfsburg Holy-Spirit-Center     Sandpictures+texts+harp    Cycle of Life